TOPS’ new album ‘I Feel Alive’ is out April 3rd, 2020.


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Directed by Mashie Alam
Cinematography by John Ker
Assistant Camerawork by Tom Wood
Stills by Justin Aranha
Wardrobe by Nariman J
Film Provided by Kodak
Film Processed by Niagara Custom Lab
Film Scanned by Frame Discreet
Equipment Provided by LIFT
Wildlife provide by Hands On Exotics
Produced by Jane Penny


when I saw you wanted to spend the night
with someone else at home I knew it wasn’t right

I feel alive looking in your eyes

conversation that I did not like
faces in the street I wish I didn’t recognize

I feel alive looking in your eyes

lost nights, trying to remember
when I’m in your arms I can finally surrender

I feel alive looking in your eyes