I made this song with goldn before before the quarantine popped off & it has become my anthem over the last 52 days. It’s been tough being stuck in the house, feeling trapped and alone. But this song has helped me get thru it. It’s helped me remember to try & make the best out of the situation. It’s been a reminder that with enough imagination & motivation we can have a blast together all by ourselves. I’m so excited to share it with you & hope it helps you as much as its helped me thru the crazy days & nights ahead.💊

Produced By: @iamchillpill
Written By: @iamchillpill, Josh Golden, Keith Varon, Sean Myer
Mixed By: Kevin “Black Pearl” McCloskey

Creative Direction & Production: AP STUDIO Motion Art & Video Director: Jordi den Hoedt 3D Animation: Jordi den Hoedt, Vincent Huang, Youssef Gamal, Mandipsinh Gohil & Nathan Johnson 2D Animation: Give Me Toast