Chelsea Collins – 07 Britney (Official Music Video)

I wrote this song after a weird series of a events during a bittersweet time of my life… living in LA can definitely make you question your worth and make you feel like you need to change everything about yourself in order to maintain peoples attention… but eventually you hit a point where you have to push through the low points and embrace them all, ignore all the bullshit, also embrace who you are, because one day they’re only going to push you to be stronger, and more confident in the end. Whenever I’m down and terrified about pursuing my dreams I always look up to Britney because she truly does inspire me, and that no matter what scary situation you’re in that you can always rise above it and change the world in a positive way.
I’ve always personally struggled with mental health and feeling like my voice/who I truly am at the core doesn’t matter but I want to take that back and change my perception of myself, and my hope with this song is that anyone else feeling this way can also do the same. I want to truly thank anybody over the past few years who has been supportive of my music or just been kind in general, theres always so much darkness all around whether its in our heads, or in the people around us, and because of that kindest it really does inspire me to always find the light and try and help others find the light.

Written & Produced by Chelsea Collins
Directed by Dominic West

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