[AOTY 2019] Announcing the Album of the Year 2019 Lineup!


[This year’s lineup of albums for Album of the Year 2019!](https://preview.redd.it/5yarnjjws0w31.jpg?width=1980&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=01ebbd778a5c3ec12b7afa8ff4c8f6d2447cfa8b)

# Introduction

Once again, it’s that time of the year folks. We are gearing up for our end-of-year coverage, with the first announcement of which being the reveal of this year’s lineup for our Album of the Year 2019 write-up series! For the last two years, we’ve tried expanding our coverage to make room for more album write-ups, but this year we’re going back to basics with 31 write-ups across 31 days from 32 different users ([/u/zenits](https://www.reddit.com/user/zenits) & /u/*Earthrise* just had to fuck around and collab to talk about Black Dresses since they dropped two albums this year). Additionally, we usually create these schedules on a first-come, first-serve basis but for this year, myself and /u/waffel113 wanted to take a more curated approach by bringing in our favorite writers and some newcomers with a lot to prove to write about the albums they love that came out in 2019. So, without further ado, here is the lineup!

# Lineup

|12/1|Lomelda|*M For Empathy*|/u/ReconEG|
|12/2|Charly Bliss|*Young Enough*|/u/stansymash|
|12/3|Vampire Weekend|*Father of the Bride*|/u/roseisonlineagain|
|12/4|PUP|*Morbid Stuff*|/u/darianb1031|
|12/5|The Japanese House|*Good at Falling*|/u/NotSoOrdinaryGamer|
|12/6|Thom Yorke|*ANIMA*|/u/readyerrnot|
|12/7|glass beach|*the first glass beach album*|/u/ClocktowerMaria|
|12/8|Weyes Blood|*Titanic Rising*|/u/themilkeyedmender|
|12/9|Xiu Xiu|*Girl with Basket of Fruit*|/u/seaofblasphemy|
|12/10|Hand Habits|*placeholder*|/u/PieBlaCon|
|12/11|James Blake|*Assume Form*|/u/_lucabear|
|12/12|Snapped Ankles|*Stunning Luxury*|/u/Ervin_Salt|
|12/13|Orville Peck|*Pony*|/u/rccrisp|
|12/14|Ezra Furman|*12 Nudes*|/u/BornAgainZombie|
|12/15|Bill Callahan|*Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest*|/u/waffel113|
|12/17|Methyl Ethel|*Triage*|/u/APenumbra|
|12/18|Black Dresses|*THANK YOU* & *LOVE AND AFFECTION FOR STUPID LITTLE BITCHES*|/u/*Earthrise* &…

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