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Hipster Date #20: Alyssa

Alyssa is against Netflix. Don’t own a TV. However, she listens to NPR, so she knows everything that matters. The one thing she did well was drink, but sh...
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Hipster Date #49: Tamsin

Tamsin was late. She told some crazy story about how she was living in Hell’s Kitchen and then she had to move to a bunker with this chain smoker broke a...
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Hipster Date #13: Haylie

Haylie was funny and interesting. Sort of. But she kept checking her iPhone all the time. She said it was for work, so I think she was either a drug dealer or ...
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Hipster Date #32: Mila

Mila was the most uninteresting, boring and cranky date I’ve ever had, but she is from the land down under and that is totally hot, right? Foodies are a real p...
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How Hipsters Date is a tumblog about, essentially, how hipsters hang out and about my hang outs with said hipsters. Yes, these are true stories. Even the break ...