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  • Interview – LPX
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    Interview – LPX

    Art across all mediums breeds new art left and right. Many artists experiment and create within their craft, often shifting genres, styles or simply creating something entirely one of a kind in the process. Musicians are no exception to the rule. Lizzy Plapinger, leading lady for the band MR MS and co-founder of Neon Gold […] More

  • Interview – Mucity
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    Interview – Mucity

    Music fans are in for a real treat coming all the way from Mother Russia herself. With the genre of house music never really dying out, some lucky souls are still paving their own path to unleash original catchy sounds. One such individual is the Moscow-based DJ and producer, Mucity of the the label Raw […] More

  • Interview – Reginald “Reggie” Youngblood of Black Kids
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    Interview – Reginald “Reggie” Youngblood of Black Kids

    Music growth never slows down even as the weather becomes mildly cooler. A band to look out for this autumn season are Black Kids who just released their trippy music video for their track Iffy. This tune will be a part of their sophomore album ‘Rookie’ set to drop in mid September. Made up of musicians; […] More

  • Interview – Phlecia Sullivan of Year of October
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    Interview – Phlecia Sullivan of Year of October

    Music fans are welcoming the early fall well with adventures galore. After a fruitful long Labor Day weekend, new music is eagerly being absorbed as much as possible. Phlecia and Josh Sullivan of the Nashville blues-rock band, Year of October, are great examples of such music makers to sate those cravings. They are busy promoting […] More

  • Interview – Gang of Youths
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    Interview – Gang of Youths

    Amidst the chaos, art always perseveres. In the medium of music that holds true now more than ever. Luckily, there are plenty of folks who can help in that regard. One band in particular is ideal for this time and they are called Gang of Youths. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the quintet is made up […] More

  • Interview – Conventioner
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    Interview – Conventioner

    Philadelphia is presenting even more musical flair than usual these days. Some of the music is not the average run of the mill mix of genres listeners may typically expect, but plenty will be sure to enjoy. Conventioner, who has garnered praise for his 2015 single Trouble, is back yet again with the catchy track […] More

  • Feature – Scenic Art Studios
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    Feature – Scenic Art Studios

    History has proven that over time the best artwork are the ones that complement others. Sometimes it’s the lighting at a specific concert or a costume in a film, just to name a few. However, one avenue of artistic craft seems to be the perfect mix of natural aesthetic in scenic design for elaborate entertainment […] More

  • Interview – Alex Gruenburg of Best Behavior
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    Interview – Alex Gruenburg of Best Behavior

    Garage-Pop is the musical genre that just keeps on giving these days. Who else to dominate it better than the artistic souls in the one and only borough of Brooklyn, NY? Among the myriad of heavy musical acts leading the charge, Best Behavior is a sublime example of musicians hard at work. The men of […] More

  • Interview – LOLAA
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    Interview – LOLAA

    Canada is really sharing some of the most fascinating and exhilarating music these days. Musicians seem to be unveiling stellar tunes that hold sway in multiple genres for fans to enjoy. LOLAA, made up of Toronto sisters Lex and Nadia, are doing just that with their latin influenced sound. With the release of their self-titled […] More

  • Interview – 5j Barrow
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    Interview – 5j Barrow

    There seems to be a trend with Broadway actors extending their talents into pure musical bliss. 5j Barrow, made up of artists Eryn Murman and Jason Hite, are no strangers to this aesthetic expansion. With a grounded following in the New York City streets, the duo have found a lasting place within the music scene. […] More

  • Interview – Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
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    Interview – Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

    August has finally arrived in full force, albeit with cooler temperatures all across the city. Complaints should not be too high given the great music that is shared throughout the airwaves. Case in point, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors are working their magic after unveiling their new album ‘Souvenir’ this past spring. Filled with even […] More

  • Interview – Rainy Day Crush
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    Interview – Rainy Day Crush

    Pop-rock is still alive and well this summer. Who better to lead the charge than the motley crew of Rainy Day Crush? With the release of their ambitious EP, ‘I’m Still Alive’, the men are keeping those good vibes rolling. Not only is their music and catchy and ripe for the listening, the musicians are […] More

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