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  • Interview – Blake Hazard
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    Interview – Blake Hazard

      Let new music spread this holiday season! Tunes are soon to be shared among many a family member and who else better to do it than a talent like Blake Hazard? Known for her solo work and her sublime efforts as part of The Submarines, her style is sure to win over listeners all […] More

  • Interview – Strange Names
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    Interview – Strange Names

    The Thanksgiving season is only a week away and folks across the country will need tunes for their hectic travels to their family. Luckily, a trio of men; Liam Benzvi, Francis Ximenez and Fletcher Aleckson who go by Strange Names, are the perfect source of enjoyment in this case. This is made more true with […] More

  • Interview – Boltah
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    Interview – Boltah

    Bring on the chills and new tunes! This October has been a sweet one for musical treats for the eager spooky listener. A prime example is the work by Boltah (Ben Bolter), a multi-talented musician who is bringing a unique taste to the musical scene. With an exploration around an eclectic expansion of genres and […] More

  • Interview – Evan Taylor Jones
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    Interview – Evan Taylor Jones

    Every now and then listeners are introduced to a musician who is devout and sincere in their music. Their unwavering dedication and open mindedness keep them trucking along with a spirit that is easily transferable. Evan Taylor Jones encapsulates this mindset completely. Whether it is simply making great music or sharing the love for it […] More

  • Interview – Johnny Burgos
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    Interview – Johnny Burgos

    Let there be soul and glory this unusually warm fall. Luckily, there is a sweet spot for this craving coming straight to listeners from Brooklyn musician and producer Johnny Burgos called Feelings. Not only is the tune captivating it has also been a chance for the musician to unveil the deeper meaning within his personal […] More

  • Interview – Bebel Gilberto
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    Interview – Bebel Gilberto

    Musical exploration and simple artistic play have been running rampant ever since the dawn of it all. For some, revamping renditions of classic tunes has turned the game into a fun showcase of appreciation. That exact methodology was put into full effect for the legendary musician Bebel Gilberto. Earlier last month, the musician released her […] More

  • Interview – Thurston Ray
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    Interview – Thurston Ray

    Every now and then listeners stumble upon great musical acts when they least expect it. With the myriad of live stage musicians that spread their musical notes across cities around the world, there are always gems to remember. Earlier this summer, in that full performance spirit, Brooklyn’s The Way Station surprised guests with an unexpected […] More

  • Interview – Sterling Rhyne
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    Interview – Sterling Rhyne

    New York music is back in full force with some solid Texan roots. While combining soul and R&B, rock star  Sterling Rhyne, is bringing addicting vibes into the musical stratosphere for fans to enjoy while the warmth of summer remains. Natural and captivating tunes are released via her unique style that is sublime. After premiering […] More

  • Interview – Raising Cadence
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    Interview – Raising Cadence

    It is time for some alternative pop-rock goodness for the ears. The genre of choice is a mixed bag with tons of opportunities to follow in this 2017. With powerful energy and adventurous spirit, Raising Cadence is a prime example of musicians making that magic happen. Their new EP, ‘Take Me Higher’ set to be […] More

  • Interview and Show Review – Sweet Crude
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    Interview and Show Review – Sweet Crude

    The south is at it again! This time the musical goodness comes from Louisiana and it is full of life. Hard on the road after the successful release of their April release, ‘Créatures’, Sweet Crude are musicians to enjoy with every fiber of a listener’s being. Described as explorers of the drum-pop genre, the crew […] More

  • Interview – Eric Tessmer
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    Interview – Eric Tessmer

    Thank God for the everlasting blues. Out of all the genres continuously bubbling up to new heights in the modern music scene, the blues has a steady incline as well as passion showed by students of the craft. Blues has successfully permeated almost every genre at hand at some capacity throughout the years. Purveyor of […] More

  • LP Review – Filmspeed’s ‘Hexadecimal’
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    LP Review – Filmspeed’s ‘Hexadecimal’

    Bands who are just overall good people are usually the easiest to root for every step of the way as they progress. Two years ago, Punchland had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the alternative power-rock trio, Filmspeed (readers can catch that article here) and that appreciation continued onwards. Not only were the men; Craig Broomba, […] More

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