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This week one of the best listicles out there is by undefeated listicle World Champions, Buzzfeed. You see, there’s a new promotional poster for Hannibal season 2 and what better way to capitalize on the show’s “popularity” than a list of thoughts the character Will Graham is having about his doges and how no one is taking care of them?
You know, because doge is pretty popular now and Will has a bunch of dogs. So, match made in heaven. If you seen Hannibal season one, Dr. Alana Bloom is taking care of his doges.

On the other hand, Cracked has a list about near death experiences that almost changed music history. The problem here is that they add Aerosmith and U2 to it and everybody knows that music history would not have changed if they never existed.

Over at Glamour they have a list called 10 Breakup Tips Specifically Written for Recently Single Taylor Kitsch, this is what follows:

  1. Call me.
  2. Call me.
  3. Call me.

You get the idea. Now, please, Taylor Kitsch, do call her.

The guys at Mashable came up with a topical, even if inane, list called Secret Santa: Expectation vs. Reality. The set up is pretty simple: expectations you have about Secret Santa with an animated gif and what, according to this list, really happens and they a reaction animated gif. Pretty slick.


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