DRINKS – “Hermits On Holiday”
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DRINKS – “Hermits On Holiday”


Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley (from White Fence) have teamed up to form a new project called DRINKS. Together the duo have recorded nine brand new songs and put them out on their debut album titled “Hermits On Holiday” which will be coming out August 21st on Birth Records.

“Hermits On Holiday” has a somewhat simplistic gritty pop rock and occasionally blues based sound, but at the same time it has many experimental and unconventional nuances to it. It works to the album’s advantage because it takes experimental music and makes it more digestible for those who more follow the mainstream. The electric guitar is still very much the focal point of the music (though there are some electronic layers), which is good considering how much it gets shoved to the side these days. It takes some of the old techniques of the guitar however and adds certain dissonances that makes you turn your head and go “Wha…?”. Vocally the melodies are followable and have some vintage feel, yet they also have some modern vibe as well. It catches the listener’s attention and makes them feel intrigued by what DRINKS has to offer them musically. DRINKS has a lot of potential and can only get more unique.

Track List for “Hermits On Holiday”:

1. Laying Down the Rock
2. Focus on the Street
3. Cannon Mouth
4. She Walks So Fast
5. Hermits On Holiday
6. Split the Beans
7. Tim, Do I Like That Dog?
8. Cheerio
9. Time Between

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Written by Joshua Leep

I am a writer and editor with a BA in writing from Purdue University. Writing and music are two of my biggest passions in life.

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