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Amidst the sorrow of this week, music always comes in to save the day. All genres are welcome and each tune seeks the same goal to put listeners in a solid vibe worth living for. Luckily, experimentation in this medium helps as well to broaden the craft. Suzi Analogue is a musician who adopts this methodology with critical acclaim and equal ambitious style. When Suzi is not busy producing Chromat’s S/S18 runway collection for New York Fashion Week, she can be found garnering more fans in the heart of Brooklyn. While touring alongside her contemporary Princess Nokia, Suzi made a memorable appearance at the riverside venue Villain last Friday evening.

As Brooklyn natives migrated from their dumpling hoards and reveled in the growing crisp fall air, their trek was enjoyable to say the least. Far towards the East River, Villain and it’s growing attendees patiently waited in sporadic lines around the corner. Strict security monitored the flow with ease. Villain is essentially a humongous warehouse that seems to honor simplicity. The rustic bars and walls were simple concrete platforms that did not take away from the well-lit stage in the center. It was a bit too hip for the average patron of Brooklyn to end up in. Inside the wide space were several red and blue indoor Porta Potties that did not smell, much to the surprise of many.

From the inception, young college folks and a diverse group of musical fans crowded up the front. There was no way to make it to the stage unless brave souls risked pushing their way through. Several times the lights went out to spark cheers and hollers from listeners who thought Suzi’s arrival was nigh. Yet, it took more dimmed lights and infrequent radio air play before the musician finally made it front and center. Cheers followed up until Suzi and some roadies had to tinker with the tools of the trade for a bit leading up to her performance. Fans took that time to marvel in her a royal violet glow from her clothing and amazing hair that shone with flair. There was a shine that glowed off her that was mesmerizing. She was a professional and held her patience well as the time trickled on with the technical difficulties.

At last the issues abated and the thrill of Miss. Analogue’s musical prowess could be enjoyed. She took things off with a pink jumble bounce. Bongo madness off of her sound system meshed into an Afrobeat vein. Her energy was palpable right off the bat and her optimism was addicting. Throbbing noise continued onwards as bodies began to sway and bob. Suzi was relaxed in her element and her smiles illuminated off her as she performed. Her control was easy as she tinkered with her machines and used some jazzy bits to elaborate the thumps. Her music only supported her stage persona as she sang, in a lovely voice, into her red microphone that used delay nonstop. Some fans were curious to hear more of her vocals without the delays as time went on.

Flicking that hair of hers and jumping in the swirling lights made her entertaining to watch. Timing and interplay with the crowd were simple to get the job done. Scatting bits and hand claps built upon that energy. Everyone was taking it all in minute by minute. Ethereal rising wails elevated her genre into a form of techno opera. The energy remained the same throughout with intensity at its highest. There was no down time and the bubbly bits just kept on coming from this musician even as she performed with Princess Nokia afterwards.

Jam on.