Those perfect summer nights are evenings to savor. This past Wednesday was a prime example. With the heat winding down to bearable temperatures, the setting sun and the breeze flowing from the avenues was sublime. Folks took it all in and celebrated well. Some people took to the Mercury Lounge for a musical taste of the summer to come from the exemplary Bay Ledges. Using their danceable music and suave optimistic vibes, siblings Zach and Georgia Hurd made music to love.

While enjoying the orange glow in the sky as the sun gave way to the night sky, it was hard to want to go inside anywhere. People were happily chatting away on every corner with drinks in hand and friends close by. That spirit did not dissipate even as folks clamored into the dark venue that is Mercury Lounge. A bustling crowd made the narrow passageway from the bar to the stage area a struggle, but it was all worth it. With a smooth slide in between the mob, fans were able to claim their ideal spots. Upon entering the concert hall, Bay Ledges’ band, Max Benson, Kristen Gleeson-Pratt and Jeff Liffmann, were quickly setting up on stage. There was a sense of eager anticipation in the air. A violet glare illuminated the band who were silently mingling as they went. Zach and Georgia were already amongst the crowd talking with friends. The crowd slowly grew minute by minute. After a quick tune up, the band waited patiently by their instruments for the set to begin. After saying farewell to their friends down below, the duo came on stage sipping their drinks.

A light strumming of the guitar started things up as the lights were raised on the two musicians. A hard clamor of sound broke through with chant-like vocals from Georgia. A folk tune with a jingle thump entered the musical equation and elevated the groovy bass and drums to new heights. Bodies began swaying. Bay Ledges owned the hip echoed flavor that blasted through their sound. With eyes closed for full focus, everything about their music was catchy. Synths fueled the energy behind as the vocals lingered. Folk-twang hung around with a grind that was interrupted and supported by powerful drum beats. The duo’s harmonies were slick and caused the audience to bounce with glee. Other than that folk feel, the twinkle of the guitar and keys remained to be another signature source of their style. Drumsticks clicked before each song.

After a quick comment on the New York subway hell in the summer, scraping rock and roll came back in. Of course, the indie genre was alive and well with the crew. Every vocal was clear and deep. Georgia offered hollers that turned the music into a more spiritual experience. Everyone was happy and loving in. A new song was introduced as part of their new EP coming out later this year that had soul-rock within. Ethereal soul vocals resonated in the space with a depth of  sensations. Georgia took the lead here. Together, there was impressive synchronization. Towards the end, thrilling surf rock saved the night. It was all fun and the duo chorus made those summer elements come alive even more.  

Jam on.

Give their song Safe a watch and a listen below: