Valentine’s day weekend is usually full of romantic moments via bushels of sweet smelling red roses. Then again, for those in reality, it is a mix of freezing rushing to dinner reservations filled with boozy conversations. For those who know how to balance it all, the days are entertaining all the same. Lovers and music fans took advantage of this on Saturday night with a wild mix of eclectic live tunes via the extraterrestrial venue Elsewhere featuring Anna of the North, Dizzy Fae and Chloe MK. It was an ideal event to ease into the long weekend correctly. 

Fans in the area were smart to attend Mission Chinese Food, located directly next door to the venue in question. It feels as though the Matrix beckons listeners in without recourse and bliss takes over at the restaurant. After a delicious meal filled with a cornucopia of pleasures, fans briskly turned the corner to get out of the cold. Entering the white LED tunnel inside, guests who had cash, checked their coats to finally warm up in the center of the spaceship that is The Hall. The room is bordered with additional LED lights that constantly change colors for ideal selfie opportunities. Even the steps to the restrooms had these glowing beacons for the enjoyment of many. Hanging from the ceiling were two small and one large disco ball that offered even more moving illumination. It was warm as it was vibrant with chatter growing with each new attendee. On stage stood a plywood backdrop with what looked like reflective stained glass shards interlinked. In the center hung a tapestry of Anna of the North’s latest album cover from ‘Dream Girl’. Was this backdrop made for an Urban Outfitters ad, who knows? Instruments were organized appropriately. Everything was ready even with a small bouncing crowd to start.

Chloe MK opened the night with an immediate grinding soul. The bass exploded with overwhelming fervor. Listeners were happy right from the onset. Chloe donned a black shirt with the logo of the famous strip club, Bada Bing!, from The Sopranos. Her enthusiasm was apparent with endless smiles and sultry dancing. Alongside her was her colleague on the SPD providing the necessary tunes with his drumsticks. He was locked in. Chloe proceeded to dance on every bit of that stage and interact with as many fans as she could. Her blonde hair flew with every twist of her body. Much of her music was bass driven but her vocals offered an angelic pulse throughout. Optimism shone bright with this musician. It was rambunctious mayhem in the most pleasant sense of the word. Trance-like beats carried over to launch listeners into an ecstasy-fueled ride. Chloe wrapped the microphone wire around her shoulders several times to cradle her tool at hand with obvious affection. Shadows for her dancing showed up behind her from the strobes and gave the aesthetic a thriving yet energetic tone. Her vocals shared reverb glory with sporadic conversations with the crowd. Her transitions were swift and smooth. Towards the end of her set, she bowed to the tapestry behind. She was eternally grateful for the experience and it showed with her evident glee. Once her set was complete, she met fans in comforting fashion in the back by the merchandise table. 

There was only a brief pause until Dizzy Fae came up next. The crowd had grown at the point and the anticipation was in the air. Her DJ initiated the set with a repeated robotic audio of her name. It was a hip-hop beginning. Her wild silver braids swung with grace as she held a slick focus on her entrance. Despite a slight technical malfunction with the computer, Dizzy Fae did not miss a beat. She held up fan appreciation by chatting with the crowd. The music was resolved and the show went on. Suave dance moves matched her cyborg-rock. It was otherworldly while connecting to a soul-hop sound. Every bit of her music and voice were eerily captivating. An amber glow created an aura around her with her sways and bobs. She may have created a new genre several times with her music as it progressed. Was it electric-hop or something else? Dizzy Fae utilized her space on stage by moving to and fro. Hands were waving followed by direct eye contact with fans for a purely intimate performance. Dramatic pauses gave her show an added artistic push. Her sound was built for a video game and she even looked the part. There was strength in her poses that matched her stoic expressions. It was an enchanting musical preaching made sincerely for devotees of all things Dizzy Fae. Tilting the microphone stand like a 40s crooner and showcasing her original choreography, she was a powerhouse of movement. It was yogi Dizzy Fae. To top it all off, she did several splits on stage with the crowd cheering her on. It was a genuine and electrifying set for the evening. 

Upon another short break, the roadies made rapid use of their duties for Anna. A mic stand draped with white roses was placed dead center. Anna’s place was all but confirmed. A shrieking shrill of an alarm began the headlining set much to the aid of her contemporaries which included a drummer and guitarist, who dueled on keys/synths. They were announcing the call with a blast of noise. Suddenly, an angled gold halo appeared above her head on the tapestry. It was a proper introduction. Arriving stage left, she appeared totally at ease. Her music launched into her signature musical dialogue. Her slight inflections were quiet even when reached to those high bits. However, she fit right in with the vibrating beats. Anna of the North sang to everyone. Intense coupling to each participant there added to her dedication for human artistry. All of the backing tracks led to endless cheers with the choruses being sung by all. She was just getting over being sick, but she did not falter once. 

The pacing was strong and continued on. Every now and then a debilitating drone would ensue, shaking the bones to their core. Anna would often crouch to sing directly to people. Despite having a rather quiet voice in comparison with her music, she asked for the volume on her mic to be lowered twice. Silhouettes of the crowd’s heads swaying were nonstop. By the middle of her set, she finally got in her zone. That stage was now a comfortable playground. Smiles grew on her face as she made her smooth moves known to the universe. Ample reverb was applied to her vocals in each of her songs. That echo never left, but it worked for what sounds she was attempting to convey. Audience members were thrown into the rush of the music as their clothes vibrated with a violent fury. She made sure to match the energy of the room and raise it up all the way to the finish. It was a shared experience of mutual gain. Fans will be sure to live on the charge gifted to them that night and for many nights to come. 

Jam on.