Stormy Mondays have been cranking out tunes since the early nineties. They played in Woodstock ’99 as well as open for Springsteen. Their music is a mix of folk and mellowed sixties pop.

Their latest EP is a double one, dually titled, The Lay of the Land and Wading The River. I listened to Lay first and ended up grooving along quite nicely. The starting track, “Talking in My Sleep” has dreamy guitar and addicting bell percussion. Rather than blowing up earbuds with overcooked production, Stormy Mondays take the simple and make it significant. They present their sounds and dynamic originally, shifting away from one set musical label.

Wading The River kicks off with “Love and Fire,” a track that shows some inner Springsteen influence. Stormy Mondays sound like the same band in a different era on this EP, delivering favorite genres with heavy hearts and much more rockin’ jamming. “One Note (Rock And Roll)” is the epitome, honest to the point it would make both Muddy and Chuck proud.

I’ve heard a few complaints about singer Jorge Otero’s riffing voice, but I dig. It’s authentic, too much so in fact, almost as if you’re in a bar on the Northern coast of Spain, listening to him sing on an easy breezy Tuesday.