If you are not a fan of trippy music, you may not like this album.

If you are not a fan of interstellar madness, you may not like this album.

But, if you are a fan of intergalactic psychedelia with a sense of dripping flow, well my friend, you have come to the right place indeed.

Planneteria is a cosmic abyss of soundscapes and tonality. It speeds up, it shifts slow, it goes and goes and lifts off with sounds of sinking rocket ships (quite literally in fact). The first song off the album is 8 minutes in length, so know what you’re getting into before you try it out.

Whether a fan of Eno or Aphex, there is a whole lotta energy on this track for your eardrums to test out. My personal favorite part kicks in around 5 minutes in… sounding like a melting Gameboy trapped inside a vat of freshly-augmented, virtual psilocybin.

For a number of years Ianuzzi served as an Electronic Creative associate with the legendary Suzanne Ciani and her Electronic Music booutique for Sound Design and Scoring. Chris’ early years also included work with Vangelis and ex-Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann as well as work on Billboard chart-topping projects such as “AEIOU” by Freeze and “Way of Life” by The Puppets.

One of the other standout tracks on the album is the final track “Wilder.”

With a shuffled tip-to-trip hop beat, ballistic synthetic keyboards, and sounds that I can only assume are from a Playstation trapped in purgatory, Chris Ianuzzi showcases his talent full force. His mixing of soundscapes is the professional equivalent of Ross Gellar ripping into a bowl of whippets and vintage arcade classics… give his music a listen and hear for yourself.