Ivan Beecroft makes music Howard Stern would be proud of. Good intentioned, hard rocking, guitar-heavy tracks are a plenty on “Liars, Freaks & Fools,” with album starter, “Inequality” perfectly setting the tone for the next nine tracks to follow.

“Shattered Dreams” has a great vibe to it, with early 2000’s charm and grainy distortion cranked to the max. It’s a ballad to a life that gets “wasted away” and lost of all hope, but with a hopeful guitar playing all throughout the gloomily, warm shattered dreams Ivan laments about for over three minutes. Definitely an album highlight.

“Bad Company” has some very commercial appeal, sounding like a highbrow hybrid of a southern rock blues band by way of Rascal Flats “life is a highway” seizing the day. You should hear it for yourself and hear the band riff on “Proud Mary” for a solid five minutes.