Having the blues is hard to fake. Since the deviled days of Robert Johnson, the genre has gone through folk shades, jabbering electric wank, flooding Texas bends, and many shades of Clapton. Fans of the genre require a certain sort of authenticity from their artists, a way of knowing that they are truly feeling down in the moody blue.

Delta Deep don’t need to prove anything to anyone. The group of musicians, lead by Phil Collen of Def Leppard, are fine-tuned and wired for rockin’, as their self-titled debut shows. The third track on the album, “Down In The Delta,” is a prime example of that talent.

The album contains eleven songs, each one with a soulful vibrancy Howlin’ Wolf would have loved. The band has been described as “one part Aretha Franklin, one part Chaka Khan, and two parts Led Zeppelin,” and while that’s certainly a lot of comparisons, Delta Deep measure up as best as they possibly can. Each cut is hard-hitting and inviting, taking listeners into the land of musical misery and day-to-day hardship.

Yet with that struggle, Delta remember to keep the music danceable, never straying to the path of self-indulgent solos and limelight buffoonery. “Bang The Lid” showcases the true power that blues music can have, mixing sharp licks with fierce vocal work from Debbi Blackwell-Cook.

This is a solid debut for a band with a history of talent in the industry. Hopefully their next album gains them even more fans. They deserve it.