PANTHAR – Ghost Rocket via New Professor Music
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PANTHAR – Ghost Rocket via New Professor Music


Last time I heard goth punk music with a early 80’s influence? Hmm… that’s a toughie, I would have to say, never. Sure enough, as soon as I listened to the track I heard the 80’s style come bursting out through the synth pop they have tied to the vocal melody. The lead singer in the band was actually raised in Kyoto, Japan and moved to Canada in her teenage years and as all teenagers do had her musical taste rocked (literally) by styles like grunge, punk rock, and goth like streams. PANTHAR, as they call themselves will be releasing “Ghost Rocket” February 17th, but it’ll be streamed via soundcloud as of now!

I do my reviews early in the morning and I don’t think I’ve ever woken up blasting some punk, but let me tell you, I can see where the angsty teenagers get their, well, angst. The music accomplishes exactly what you would expect, I feel like getting into some light form of trouble, just enough to riot up against my parents and show them that I’m my own person. Maybe that’s just my mid twenties attempting to retrieve my teenage years, who knows.

We know that they’ve accomplished their musical goal of a clash of 80’s-punk-goth-genre. But how does everything fit critically? Well, initially from the flanger intro with some heavy layering and reverb, you get the creepy atmosphere which I assume why the track is titled “ghost”. The synth pop that comes in after the baseline also compliments the eerie sounding rock. Last piece to complete the puzzle would be the vocal which switches between a dreamy like state into a thrashing punk sounding style. All and all the structure of the track has everything it needs, however, from the rock I have heard I prefer more heavy articles in the sound. More crash symbols when it gets going, slightly more distortion, and more yelling.

If anyone has read my reviews in the past I mention album artwork attempting to be awesome. I italic awesome because of the need to put spaceships, lasers, lightning, and anything that could be intense. (*cough* Action Bronson). However, because of the genre I think they can pull it off, the woman gives a ghost like appearance, their band name is PANTHAR, and they speak of space, so why not UFO’s. Nothing to comment about the quality of the artwork, in fact it actually compliments the style.

Anyways you’ve seen my point system, I’d love to hear your opinion so you have the option to rate down below. Would like to see more then just the band members voting on their songs!

Heres a cool fact about PANTHAR. After playing a slew of underground shows in the summer of 2014, PANTHAR went into the studio with Mark Rains (BRMC, Summer Twins, Gothic Tropic), who helped them craft a unique 80s sound, recording on analog tape to capture the retro magic of classic LA bands like Missing Persons. “Ghost Rocket” opens with a dreamy feedback-induced coma, sending the listener on a trans-dimensional space journey into an “unknown space traffic crash hour.” “Space Lies” is a ferocious death rock number that friend and avid supporter, Ariel Pink, has likened to early 80s goth punks, Sex Gang Children. After hiking up to the picturesque Griffith Park Observatory one day, Jared came to the realization that “this is where the government lies to us about space”. And so the song was born. Quirky, eccentric, but always infectiously catchy, PANTHAR’s debut release is an irresistible mix of LA attitude, crafty songwriting, and masterful analog studio production.

Anyways I’m sure they would love your support on Social Media so here ya go!

Bandcamp where you can pre-order their next song.

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