“Culatra Island” from Kealakekua, HI based Lieven Martens Moana’s Dolphins into the Future album “Songs of Incandescent Gold” is a rather unique and intriguing piece of avant-garde artistry. Moana brings the sounds and relaxing tropical ambience of what she said was “a sandy beach in South Portugal” to her music in this unique audible vignette to express things not through words or melody, but with abstract feeling.
A soft crackle of an old turntable brings a feeling of warmth and a sort of security while the ocean waves overtake the listener. Here and there in the background there are brief instances of piano as well as marimba that can be heard that add to the richness of this auricular experience. There is no song structure or any particular discernable melody to be found, but as you listen on you kind of start to understand that such things are not really the point in this kind of track. It is more of an experience than a song. This is the kind of track to listen to when the exhausting humdrum of everyday life has worn you down and you need to put your feet up and relax for a little while.

“Cultura Island”, by Dolphins into the Future can be listened to on their Bandcamp page here.