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The reviews are in for the new DC Comics movie and it doesn’t look good, see what the critics made of the summer blockbuster.

Suicide Squad never has the courage of its convictions — it doesn’t own anything. At best, Ayer rents some pre-existing pop iconography and charges us $15 to watch him take it around the block for a spin. Forget the “Worst. Heroes. Ever.” These guys don’t even know how to be bad.

‘Suicide Squad’ Review: These Heroes May Be Bad, But Their Movie Is Even Worse

“Suicide Squad” promises to flip the script on superhero movies by forcing the audience to root for the bad guys. But that isn’t enough. Just when you think the summer movie season can’t get any worse, along come the “Worst. Heroes. Ever.”

David Ayer’s film may not always work, but when it does, it’s a perverse delight.

The Villains of ‘Suicide Squad’ Almost Transcend the Usual Comic-Book Action

“The world changed when Superman flew across the sky,” Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller says early on in Suicide Squad. “And then it changed again when he didn’t,” she continues, over somber images of the Man of Steel’s funeral following his (non-)death at the end of Batman v. Superman. Luckily, that…

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Peter Sciretta on Twitter

Suicide Squad is… okay. Robbie and Smith are good but the rest of the movie kind of meh. loud music, no plot, horrible villains. …