A self-labeled “2-tone flavored ska track in the tradition of the political side of the English Beat and the Specials,” Umbrella Bed bring much more to the table in a spal-happy-sappy sax SublimeĀ redux kinda way.

The second track on the album is stronger than the intro, but also stranger, with a backing vocal chorus with a rasp of Hot RatsĀ Zappa. The song, entitled “Say Your Goodbyes,” sound like stumbling into a good bar band in the middle of New York City at the three in the morning… but on the actual album itself as well.


The third track, “Dark Days,” starts with the promise of distortion, but amplifies itself through reverberated vocals, brass, and lyrics regarding the harder parts of life. Each track has a certain Broadway appeal to it, the type of sound Trey Anastasio achieved with his musical Hands On A Hardbody.

It’ll let you be a jude for the rest of the album, but let me just say that it is worth a listen for the instrumentals alone, with masterful solos from across the board. Guitar, drrms, and sex especially.

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