Todd Warner Moore makes soothing, soul-searching music with fanatically mellow vibes. Take a few minutes to listen to the first track of Overnight Flight.

This song was an immediate standout for me on first listen due to the fantastic drum and guitar work. Certainly throughout the song, you can hear sixties and seventies era influence, especially in regards to the storyteller guitar work.

Overnight Flight┬ácovers a kaleidoscopic range of deep human emotion expressed through nine tracks. Personally, one of my favorite songs on the album was “Suns.”

Talks of flashes of brilliance, old times, and moments passing by like droppings of old dimes pretty much sum up the track. But the vocals, mixed in with high notes of soft luminous blue lyricism, make this track oddly calming.

What makes Suns such a good song, isn’t so much the music itself, but the tone. Moving from reflective, sad, to haunted “tides returning back to their watery sphere,” it is a chilling track. I continue to replay it.

If you like soft rock with warm guitar work, definitely check out Todd and his wonderful acoustic jams.