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Tanya sings well, emotes sweetly, and has her mind on the trigger as much as her heart. “Dark Side” sounds like a cross between late 2000’s country pop and the good Carrie Underwood singles, just with more soul and dwindled, searching, straying-from-the-mellow vibes.

“One Hand On My Heart” is full of folk, lots of country pop songs, and minimalistic instrumentation. Gallagher shines on the opening track, as she does through all of the EP. Sure there are cliches of the genre littered throughout… west bound trains and young nights grown old… but Tanya invigorates old ideas and turns them into freshly familiar and enchantingly catchy stuff. You’ll see what I mean on “A Little Effort.”

For a song that is somewhat bittersweet, there is more than meets the ear on this track. Tanya cuts deep and opens up here, talking past loves and broken friendships that could have lead to more. Her music is as strong lyrically as her vocals are, with each line on the EP not outshining, but accompanying each organ chord, guitar riff, or slow rumbling drumming.

For more on Tanya, click here. Her music is definitely worth it.