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Despite the powerful music behind the vocals, Staring Into Nothing are a band that are in desperate need of consistently stronger vocals. Steve Rogers, although vocally skilled, falls behind when he sings usually due to the heavy nature of “Puritans” and it’s lyrics.

The album itself picks up when the band decides to blend together, with the band performing and sounding their best when addressing issues of failed love and once-cherished romance.

Yet, most of the album is spent addressing modern morality and the ever present “dark times” that we are currently living in. What is so terrible about this world described? The trio behind the music have a lot of great ideas but too many songs on “Power” dwindle with potential instead of soaring with the power and energy that the middle of this album has.

My favorite song on the album, however, is “School Daze,” proudly tarnishing the reputation of public schooling against bubbling background vocals and twiddles of six string. Think Pink Floyd’s attitude with Alice Cooper’s energy, especially with a chorus that includes the line “teacher teach us now.”

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