Sara Ontaneda makes music that can warm your heart and soul. The strength of her voice behind tongue and cheek “selfish little me” lyricism is awesome to hear, as well as the scattering guitar lines all over the track. Take a listen to “Separated by The Sea” for yourself.

The song has an “indie” feel, but not the one usually auto-curated on Spotify exclusive playlists. “Separated by The Sea” has late 90’s indie scene fragility and depth, an emotionally honest simplicity that few beyond Fiona Apple find in modern times.

Released on Bandcamp only a few days ago, Ontaneda’s music is beyond enchanting if not ethereally somber. While she provides the music and lyrics, a talented backing band surge behind her on this project.

They deserve as much note as Ontaneda’s vocal charm. Hayley Lam’s keys are incendiary against the smooth tranquil bass provided by Akos Forgacs, and with Fabio Rojas’ balanced drumming keeping the song afloat, the track hits a new level of tone and dynamic. The “feeling of crying separated by the sea” under Sara’s extremely forgiving guitar? Even better with multiple listens.

“Separated by the Sea” is the third single from Sara’s upcoming new album “Experimento.” This single was produced by Ontaneda’s own brother Sebastian Ontaneda who worked on the single from his studio in Guayaquil, Ecuador. From what I can tell, he also graces the cover of this song.

Ontaneda is slated to be is part of the lineup for the East Coast Music Conference in Norfolk, Virginia from August 6-9, 2020. If you have the chance to hear her perform, I suggest you go.