The first time you hear Sam Levin’s “First World Problems,” savor it for a little bit. I get sent a lot of music and most of it sucks. This guy doesn’t.

First World Problems by thesamlevin

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His single, released last February, boasts smarter-than-your-average slacker rock ‘n’ roll with a real sense of thoughtful lyricism. The guitar might seem fragile at first, but that’s because it is.

It’s as authentic as it’s author, who for most of the track is complaining and skating his way through private schools and a refrigerator so barren he has to make a sandwich (gasp).  The opening lines should hit the heart of any person who has ever striven or tried to ever be cool. It’s relatable and heartfelt music disguised as pretentious rich kid boredom (i.e. the Morrissey method). And it works, so make sure you think twice before you start complaining.

Even his first album was good, but the material nowhere near as catchy and instantly quotable as his latest single. This is as practical as it is promising.

Frame of Mind by thesamlevin

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In an age where so many musicians strive to please with prideful imitation, Sam succeeds on a diet of honest and old school attention to letting his songs breathe. He grew up on a steady diet of artists from Joni Mitchell to Jackson Browne, and it certainly shows in his lyrics. Think The Strokes But With More Heart.

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