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Robertas Semeniukas has a knack for shredding his guitar (and for screaming with pure Lithuanian rage). His latest album, Backstage Stories, is a blend of early Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and the good parts Velvet Revolver’s discography, without any of the filler Slash’s band was known for producing.

Kai nieko nebelieka” features Kastedas, who is used perfectly over the chorus of the song, but the real highlights of the track, as with most of the songs on this album, are the stellar pieces of electric guitar work Semeniukas’ cooks up. Blues, rock, metal… they are all there in full force, but rarely sounding repetitious. Take a listen to “Nesustok,” one of my favorite tracks on the entire album (huge props to JustÄ— for her fantastic vocals).

Overall, if you like classic rocking, good time, shred-savvy guitar there aren’t too many other albums as good as this one to dig your teeth (and ear drums) into. Robertas clearly had a vision when he was thinking up this album, and with the amount of strong musicianship between the performers on this project, I certainly hope he doesn’t stop making music.

Give Backstage Stories a listen for yourself!