I’ll get right to the point. Riccardo Chiarion’s latest effort is a near perfect jazz guitar album. His runs, doused in snowy tones of reverb and too-good-to-be-true refined treble, are the kinds of sounds that most guitarists dream of creating. The way he plays is tremendously fluid and since the entire project is just one man playing his heart out, it makes Quiet Stories so much more of an understated beauty.

Check out the second song on the album, “Green,” below!


To call his music simple coffeeshop jazz would be a sin, especially considering how buttery-smooth and original his guitar work on this project is. One chunk of ten second bends turns into a humming, fluttering meltdown of skittering high notes, e string slides, and dissonant chords even Les Paul would love.

There’s class, wit, and a dynamic sense of incorporating heart and soul on Hidden Blues. When I first listened to the album all the way through, I was transported to a land of cold weather, long walks, and a wondrous sense of being lost in the New England wild. Did Chiarion intend foe me to think up these images? Of course not… but like all great jazz masters before him, he amplifies his creativity, giving us all a sense of his inner artistic world for our ears to dip in and explore.

Check out Riccardo Chiarion’s video where he expands upon the third track on this album, “Hidden Blues.”


The entire album is a worth more than a single listen and this is without a doubt the best jazz album I have heard so far this year. Can’t wait to see what he cooks up next!