“Puppet Strings” is the latest single from genre-bending artist ALYA. Like a mash up of late 80’s Madonna by way of an electrified and, depending on the era, digital Bjork. Sounds weird right? Well that’s because it is.

It also rules.

The slithering drumbeat rocks, plain and simple, lifting the song to a height of double pump ecstasy. ALYA also has a beautiful voice, at times channeling a darkened, dreary Vanessa Carlton or something out of the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. Her range is truly remarkable and the band behind her only makes her voice, message and overall presence on this song better to listen to (as well as more unique).

ALYA claims that though her name is the one attached to the single, the track is “collaborative by design,” mixing the voices of the other musicians behind it beautifully. She doesn’t consider herself a solo artist in this regard, but claims to direct the project through the help and support of her band, visual team, and live performances.

Definitely worth a listen.