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Agency make damn good music. With neo-soul layered between fun-loving, message-filled hip hop grooves, there is certainly a reason why indie fans and the Frank Ocean-lite elite have been praising the group from magazines to music blogs across the country.

Philosophies by Agency

A multi-genre journey through intense emotions in song.

Their cover of “Spooky,” the seventh track on this album, was made popular by Dusty Springfield. Here, Agency bring out a harder, funkier, and much more unwound version of the song. The dance groove is sinister, but not too deadly to kill the mood of the dance floor. They claimed to strive and reach the “melodic charm” of the original version by Atlanta Rhythm Section… and here? It works tremendously.

Spooky by Agency

A cover of the song made popular twice… once by Atlanta Rhythm Section and also by Dusty Springfield. We took it into another direction… but hopefully kept the melodic charm intact. Produced by Ant LaRock!!

These guys are like an art rocked alternative to the psychedelic R&B of Sampha’s blissful crooning mixed in early James Blake slow jamz. There is a magic on Philosophies that stands out as more than original.

“IVASION” is another favorite of mine. It’s also in desperate need of a Kendrick Lamar remix/feature because with the amount soul, swagger, and playfully-punk pop sensibility cranked to eleven here, the group shows a consistent promise only few artists seem capable to deliver.

INVASION! by Agency

INVASION! is dripping with funk and swagger. From our upcoming album PHILOSOPHIES, with is our answer to the need to express urgent emotions through song! We cover a lot of styles in this journey and hope you take the ride with us. Thanks for listening.

Listen to this album on Soundcloud. Not only is it the best album I’ve heard this week, but it has the potential to be my new go-to in-the-car midnight drive favorite.

Warn Me Next Time by Agency

A blistering but bouncing hip-hop meets alternative soul track from upcoming album PHILOSOPHIES.

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