Paul Maged certainly has a lot on his mind. His latest album, The Glass River, flows a musical and theatrical presence, especially on tracks like “Choices.”

Maged sings with a blend of happiness, sadness, and forever-questioning ramble. The bridge towards the end of the track is great, with the drums building with a slow-churned rhythm.

Now, if you’re looking for Liam Lynch absurd crossed with a slight touch of late Phil Collin’s vocals, “Corporate Hell” might be your jam. It reminds me a lot of the hellish musical sequence from “The Book of Mormon,” but with a twinge of Meatloaf over of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s full on stylish parody. The telephone dialogue at the middle of the song is hilarious though, along with the chaotic bellow of a laughter Maged belts just near the end of the track is great fun.

Props to the video as well. The nutsack phone gag was fire, all courtesy Shahbaz Ali and even Maged himself. The videos help sell the songs for sure and even add a level of character to the antics of Maged’s lyrics.

With a style that’s wickedly whacky but also diverse musically, Paul Maged is a talent and one of the first standout artists I’ve heard this year.

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