“Do homeless people have homeless dreams?”

Patrick Ames wails over an acoustic guitar. He talks politics. He croons with bluesy tunes, stacking rhymes as easily as Lego bricks. Check out the video for “Bang Bang Bang” below.

With a overflowing coolness, the song streams like a river. His lyrics are very smart, divisive at points, and his complete sense of pop cultural and political interests keep the song going. Is he out of tune when needed? Of course. But with all the references to Bob Dylan and Gil Scott Heron, the guy gets a pass in my book.

Liveness is an album that has a lot of rhythm and Ames is keen to keep it up throughout. Where “Bang Bang Bang” brings blues, “Suspicions” tries a different route. A very lofi, stinging heartbreak of a song that, at points, shows Ames rambling as if he were were a regular town drunkard.

The waterfall of sounds in the background as he plays a barely coherent guitar ends up becoming a chorus worth replaying. Check it out below.

Definitely check out hisĀ  music. Refreshing stuff to hear someone truly not give a fuck and still make a definitive sound all their own.