“When you found out you were more than this matter locked together,
did your weather stand up to the laughter hereafter?”

That is the opening line to Path Overgrown, and for the most part, the song remains the same for the entire twelve track album. Moore sings with a humbled warm croon, reminiscent of Eckhart Tolle, and his lyrics are quick to show their wit.

The acoustic guitar work throughout these songs is incredible, with Moore’s talents really shining bright on “Ways.”

Another great feature on Path Overgrown is the terrific mix of background singers littered throughout the album. Leah Hart, Nicole Stella, and Michael Kentish do a wonderful job blending their voices together over these songs. It really seems that Moore knew his vision, especially when it came to hiring the other artists on this project.

Path Overgrown┬áis the fifth album Todd Warner Moore has produced and recorded in just eighteen months. These songs, however, are far less experimental then Moore’s past tracks, with an unending singer songwriter vibe.

Todd Warner Moore has been making music for years, and if it continues to sound as balanced and lyrically-strong, his fans will only grow in time.