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To dare the dream of listening to good-dropping dubstep in 2020 seems like a wishful miracle in itself. Yet, Mountain Soundsystems exist and my god is this some sweet ass dubstep. Check out “ORMUS,” the lead single from the Seattle-based musician.

With a refreshing mix of jazz, Dave Clark sensuality, and a build-you-up-and-drop-you-quick breakdown, “ORMUS” essentially has the vibes of the Twin Peaks theme locked inside of a dishwasher about to explode in space.

You can hear influences other electric artists here, sounds of early Pretty Lights and the always elusive Four Tet, but Mountain Soundsystems has his own tonality and sound. One that I look forward to hearing more of.

The keyboard blends with the wub wub wobble so well that you forget what genre you’re listening to half way through this track. But the last minute to ninety second of the song, with a swirling build-a-beat-drop akin to the THX film logo snorting bath salts as well as special effects, is the definition of electronic hype music. Sonically, the sound design is smooth, daring, and anything but by the numbers for a genre that has gone stale so many times… most people thought it was dead.

Skrillex be damned. Mountain Soundsystems prove that dubstep is cool again.