Oddnote rocks. Period.

“Money Comes, Money Goes” is their latest single… a song is filled with psychedelia but with riffs that sound like they were lifted straight outta early Sabbath sessions.

“Where you go is where you go and what you do is what you do” sounds like lazy lyricism, sure, but behind the roaring guitars, bass, and drumming, frontman Arman Asadsangabi soars with unexpected depth in his Cobain mumbling.

Money Comes, Money Goes by Oddnote

Money comes money goes People talk people call Do it all till it’s gone There is nothing wrong with living Where you go is where you go And what you do is what you do Who are you to shut down You were lost but now you’re found I don’t

“Money Comes, Money Goes” is a fun, back of the bar fight brawling track… but with lines like “I don’t know why, why we run from ourselves,” Oddnote throws in just the right amount of existential pondering for a band thundering with such genuinely happy energy.

You can tell the group is happy when they play, but this track shows that they are most comfortable while riffing with a message and motive behind their headbang-inciting antics. Check out “Why” to get a better sense of what I’m walking about.

There are a lot of Audioslave and Soundgarden influences on the track, with Asadsangabi’s lyrics searching for answers against crashes of cymbals and distorted, stinging power chords. Really good stuff, with the chorus growing on you more and more with each listen.

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