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MonClaire is a New York pop rapper with a fuzzy, just-smoked-a-blunt vocal range. He’s scratchy as well as catchy, and on his latest Drake-flavored single, he shits on everybody close to him, from his haters to his once beloved exes. Check out “Another One” below.

“She put her pussy on a plate” is a line that will stick to me until I leave this Earth, but a lot of the lines on this song seem like ideas that didn’t quite make it on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

The guy has talent, no doubt about it, but if he broke away from the usual lean-sip-pussy-trip copycat rapper attitude, a format too many rappers follow, he could have a much more original sound for his fans to listen to. The talent is there but the sound he’s going for already sounds dated, at one point riffing on Aubrey Graham for over ten seconds (tick tick tick adlibs and wobbly auto tune included).

MonClaire has the capability to make it further in the hip hop world if he finds a new sound that meets his true authentic self, ditching the industry model that he is so desperately chasing. His other track “Got Me So” has a closer chance of him finding his future braggadocio virility, even if the bars are a bit lazy. Check it out below.

I’m looking forward to more music this guy puts out in 2020. Hopefully next time he drops a track, he’ll stay sounding like himself rather than an OVO affiliate.