The first track of Wayfinder is a grandiose trippy spiral of a song. With “Awakening,” Mohamed Assani mixes electronic and real in house instruments perfectly. The world of sound in which he plays seems like the next Call of Duty score, or, even a sequence in a James Bond film.

His sitar skills are crazy good. Atmospheric and brilliantly balanced, with drums that cascade over electronic scattering rhythms… eventually breaking into a trap break down that is as fresh and invigorating as it is surprising. I was floored once the drop happened. The song changes directions quite a few times, but the way it blends genres is akin to mid sixties psychedelic band inspiration. The whole project is what matters here.

So how does the res of the album sound? Take a listen for yourself on April 24th, the day it drops. For now, I will tell you about another track on this album I really dug, “Serendipity.

While at times it sounds somewhat artificial due to the mixing on some sounds, this song has a slithering, dark groove of flavor to it, building with chaotic strings and hip hop style drumming. The song has yet to be released yet, you’ll have to check out the album when it drops this Friday.

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