“Maze” is a wah wah savvy headbanger with a whole lot of fleeting love. Ptolemea have been making music for awhile, and on their latest track, but Priscila Da Costa’s  voice here is the best it has ever been… balanced, loud, and mournfully bittersweet. Check out the official music video below!

Priscila’s voice is like a lighter shade of Chris Cornell. Each time you hear the chorus, paired with Cavallini’s brash guitar work, her singing invigorates you with nostalgia for the crooning grunge of the early nineties.

The video itself is a standard live-but-not-really set up of the band playing their latest single. Scatters of guitar solo close ups, pouting lips, and eyes-closed screaming are all there.

It should also be noted how great Martin Schommer on drums and Yves oek playing E-bass are, but the standout member, Christophe Reitz on electric violin, blends in so well with his fellow bandmates you almost forget where his ethereal sound is coming from.

The group will be releasing their second EP, also entitled “Maze,” Friday the 13th of next March. If you like grimy grunge rock, be sure to check out that record!