Marva Holiday, without a doubt, has one of the coolest names in modern music… but does her new single live up to her name? Yes. Yes it does.

Holiday’s voice is rough, soothing, but weighted with the scars of past loves, which is a huge theme in her music. “Reflections” is essentially a get-over-your-ex piano ballad, pumped up by drums and, of course, Marva’s voice, howling and screeching at points on the song.

Best known for the irresistible Northern soul staple “It’s Written All Over My Face,” singer Marva Holiday was born in San Jose, California and raised in South Los Angeles and Compton, CA. 

The amount of talent and skill her voice contains is unmatchable, and it is especially refreshing to hear an R&B song nowadays that has a message, as well as authenticity (and not a slight sight of autotune). Give “Reflections” a listen… definitely worth it.