The latest Proud Creature is a strong mix of ambient tonality, reverb-heavy sound effects, and just the right amount of “what the fuck was that sample” bliss.

The psychedelic electronica/jazz/ambient musician, Todd Brozman, aka Proud Creature himself, sets his EP hype to new heights, with fluidity, Casio-keyboarded tension, and otherworldly mystic grooves of genre-blending madness. Check out “Major Trouble” below.

Opening Creature EP reflects travels and explorations I’ve had over the past few years. I’m trying to capture the headspace that opens up when we venture out of our default mindset and into something broader and more abstract” – Todd Brozman.

If the rest of his EP, which will be released later this March, is anything like the lead single here, ambient fans are in for a real treat. This song is a dynamic blend of b-side Life of Pablo sound with late 80’s Eno ambient execution. At one point, Brozman actually makes his keyboard sound like a howling wolf, granted, a howling wolf trapped inside of a digitized steam bath… but hey! It works.

With eerie vibes, scattered drums, and comfy vibes akin to the X-Files theme, “Major Trouble” is a win for Proud Creature. Do yourself a favor and check it out!