Well shit. This is a really great album. Hallelujah originality!

Lillimure has been writing and singing songs for “as long as she can remember,” and with her debut full length album, she brings a raw energy very few artists pack on their first project. “I Feel” hooks you in immediately, with Lillimure’s vocals washing over a slow, rumbling instrumental.

And yet, her style shifts as much as her voice does. “Oh, California” is a sad-swept, bittersweet anthem of dreams come true and moving forward when you feel you can no longer. I’ve heard a lot of ocean analogies in my life, but hearing Lillimure lament “I’m over the waves?” Sounds realer than real. Honest too, with the backing vocals perfectly warming up the tone of the track (and maybe the metaphorical Cali water for that moment).

I could ramble on about how much I like “Wallflower” or “Lady in A Mirror,” but at the end of it all, I don’t think I’d do the rest of these tracks justice. They need to be listened to, as much as Lillimure’s future work should be and will be heard, because there is not one dull track on here. Like Adele’s “19” all these songs have a tender, warm, but often sour approach to love, moving on, and saying imperfect “goodbyes.” And all of it original. Thank the musical gods for that.

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