I really loved listening to this song. The latest Geoff Gibbons is a hopeful, “tired of the grind” and barely surviving rock agility with beautiful guitar work to boot. Give “Keep On Driving” a listen below.

There’s a happy struggle to be living when you hear Gibbons sing. The claps and jangled guitar come together in a wave of hand-to-the-ground coolness. Questions of fulfillment and lost promises are left in a reverberated atmosphere of chilling major to minor chords

In these times of uncertainty “Keep On Driving” is a longing for freedom. Caught in the well-worn circle of day to day survival…I wondered what would happen if I didn’t turn in the driveway and just kept going.

It speaks to life in general.. The smallest move or gesture can completely change the direction of a life. We forget we have control over those moves every minute.. as fear and comfort often hold us where we are. 

“Keep On Driving” is one of those songs that you don’t mind having on repeat for the rest of the day. And in a car? Try your hardest to actually leave the vehicle with this singer songwriter on your stereo.