Shawna Virago makes rock music that draws you in with humble honesty. Virago gets serious as much as chicly tongue and cheek on their latest release.

Give “Heaven Sent Delinquent”a listen below.

The guitar work and lyricism are what stand out most on this track. HSD critiques how devout religious people can be, as well as, in Shawna’s opinion, they’re “missing the point.” A righteous path for her has been one determined to channel her energy to focus on her own way to self-salvation.

The town was on the Hallelujah side / I would have stayed but I had too much pride, Everyone stared at me with suspicion, As the girl who would never do, The missionary position.”

Religious fanfare against introspective sex palatability (as well as a case of double entendre) make this song as familiar as it is refreshing. A sound that encapsulates past anti-rock and punk attitudes, but with a modern approach that Shawna hammers home with every chord.

Being one of the first openly transwomen to tour in the early nineties, take the time to listen to her older work as well. Social and politcal diehard listeners unite!