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“Hidden Dimensions” by H+ is some wacky, funky, apple-packing-digilooping, fast-paced stuff. With macroscopic Bermudan grooves and the right amount of blatant edge, the track takes turns and moves around gracefully without breaching the usual staleness electronic dance music is known for nowadays.

H+ has a clear source of inspiration for this album as well. “The music is also influenced by the blaxploitation soundtracks of the 70s. It was exciting seeing a movie where the hero looked like him and as a child of the 70s and the music was always the best part of those films.”

“Patterns” is another track that sticks with you, the vocals and beat blending together with a haunting, insatiable rhythm. It’s like a ghost stumbled into a studio after a long blunt and Aphex Twin record. It takes chances and has fun with them.

Each track on here is a great backdrop for study music, but with proper headphones and a cup of coffee, I was able to write this review quicker than usual (and with against smile on my face in the process).

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