Hold onto your ears, folks. These guys are making some heavy music.

With the right amount of sad, smart, and anthem-ready guitar solos, Anders and O’Bitz bring a lot of greats sounds to the forefront of this record. The first track, “Lopsided Gyre,” is a twirling bittersweet ballad that tries its best to stay hopeful by it’s final minute or so. Very strong opening for the album.

The following track, “Wonder A Time,” is a whining croon of a song, distressing the issues of wanting things together, hopes fallen, and dreams left by the wayside. “And we’re haunted” stings you, and the rest of the song has a crippling effect of tight piano work wrapped around warm, damaging vocals.

The album is one of the best I have heard to hear this summer. For more on Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz, click here.