Ambient and distant. Broken but put together. Garlands is the latest lofi project from alternative post-rock artist M. D. Trello. Check out the album opener, “Copernicus,” below.

As much as I like the blooming shoegaze on this track, the album picks up directly after the first track with “Comedian mum.” The song is a mix of computed instrumentation and distorted guitar with shrill vocal work. It sounds like someone threw Mazzy Star inside of an electronic saxophone mid orgasm, and, frankly, the song really works because it morphs into approximately three different tracks throughout the four minute run time it has.

Brutally orchestrated with strange chaotic uncertainty, the last half of the track is a gobbledygook hymn of maligned discontent. In short, throw on some headphones and maybe grab a cigarette before you check it out below.

The Kiss That Took A Trip is a Madrid based project, and with those roots, the political identity of TKTTAT comes to light on the third song,
“Whoever hurt you has my sympathy
.” With a mix of rough samples and a carnival-frantic backing beat, the song is a desperate scream of heartbreak, lumbering lyrics, and most importantly, a message of calling out people for treating others as cattle in an age where identity politics have more of a personal connection with people than those individuals and their connection with their own identity. Really like this song.

If you like shoegaze-dipped alternative nineties rock, I highly recommend checking out Garlands… as well as other projects fromĀ The Kiss That Took A Trip.