Yo. This music is pretty dang good.

If Adele’s first album had a baby with the middleweight of Fiona Apple’s discography, you’d get Jasmine Karimova, full heart and lyrical center.

The second track is what made me a fan, with it’s tranquil sadness against Karimova’s dialogue within an event so little of us have to even fathom. It’s sad and it’s sweet, but still listenable with concise wit abound. Definitely an album highlight.

Another track that should be mentioned here is “Little Love.” In a way it sounds like a Lorde track, but there’s another calling of sadness, even hatefulness, as well. “Little love… run from bitter old me” Karimova belts, hitting a note that’s surely meant to cross your heartstrings.

Jasmine Karimova is serious business as an artist. Forget her Vogue feature. This album is a testament to creating organic sounds, thoughts, and unbearable motions through an emotional multi-dimensional pop prism.

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