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If you like perfectly-rambling, high velocity, desolation-meets-comfort jazz ensembles, you really, really, REALLY should listen to the latest Joan Torres’ single. The All Is Fused ensemble just released a five album package on their Bandcamp, with this song at the top of the list. Check out “Finale” below.

The song builds and then disparates, with smooth runs of hypnotic bass, a dynamic horn section, and enough piano rolls to knock you (and your ears) off your feet. It’s like three to four different songs rolled up in one, with the All Is Fused ensemble melting away any signs of stress you might have while listening.

The group most recently performed a sold out premiere show at the Joe Henderson Lab in the SFJAZZ Center, and that makes sense considering the amount of range that “Finale” has. Just after the first minute, the song ascends to chaotically smooth highs, with some of the best bass fills I have heard this year. Fernando GarcĂ­a is an absolute force to be reckoned with here, but the entire band brings their own musical mastery… each instrument blending together so successfully it seems like the track was recorded in one take.

Joan Torres’s All Is Fused Ensemble is god-tier jazz music that anyone can appreciate. Give them a listen whenever you have the chance!