This folk rock band have a warm, fun sound, so if you like mellow alt-country mixed with blues-bending guitar solos, check this song out.

The Live Oaks are worth their musical salt, even with their questionably-accurate Bandcamp description, dubbing the group the “Anderson Paak of folk music.” To be frank, it makes sense. These guys are eclectic, not to mention succeed in blending genres. A feat that few artists really ever succeed at (looking at you Mr. Timberlake).

The second track on the E.P. is just as strong as the opener. “Home,” with it’s opening of calming, harmonizing vocals and Exile on Main St. Rolling Stones flare, the track keeps you guessing. The drums are constantly inviting the listener to bop along with the band, while the guitar, bass, and out-of-this-world horn section dazzle for about four minutes straight.

The last track, “Maybe Later,” only left me wanting more. The Live Oaks give off Alabama Shakes & Black Keys vibes, with a few dashes of early 70’s Clapton and the mellow yellow soul of Ray LaMontagne.


3 tracks in total and each one terrific. I highly recommend a listen or two.

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