With fall only a month away, this record is possibly the best mellowed americana I’ve heard all summer. The ten tracks on Of All These Things have a smooth, country-dabbled presence and “Below The Night” has a real sweetness¬† to it, with twanging slide guitar rambling in the background throughout.

The next song on the album, entitled “Hold On To Me,” is a romantic track, but bridled with a certain shade of darkness shared between partners in a relationship; two people holding together the faults of each other and picking up the pieces day after day. It’s certainly a somber track, but like a lot of the music on this album, the mood and atmosphere are constantly changing.

“Eyes Of Your Loves” for example reminds me of¬†early 2010 Wilco, warm and melancholy at the same time. Anders and O’Bitz are certainly a dynamic duo of acoustic rock, delivering track after track of Landslide wonder with just the right amount of mystery to keep listeners guessing.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Found My Way Home.” There’s a certain hunger in the track, with a powerful acoustic guitar playing low behind a primal tribal clanging. The stuff that makes your heart shake, with a breakdown midway towards the song that just assembles a heavenly feeling, making you want to replay the past ten songs you’ve just burnt through.

Definitely worth a listen.

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