It’s really difficult to cover a song successfully without ruining it in the process. However, Matt Lande does a good job of taking the famous Breakfast Club #1 hit to remixed and newly envisioned heights. Check out his cover of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” below.

The guitar work is solid here, with the whammy bar bringing down the house, or at least the listener’s ears. Lande’s voice is much more airy, lamenting and even a bit emo, but the vocals work for a song that, originally, was steeped in proto-goth new wave era aesthetic.

The song has yet to be released (it drops March 6) and I really think Lande should continue to do more covers in the future. He takes classics and makes them his own, but if he gave up a little of the nostalgia pandering karaoke vibes, and go the way Hendrix did with Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower,” he would gain more traction as well as fans. The guy has talent, no doubt about it, and if he pushed through the barriers of attempting to replicate the original song, he would succeed ten fold.

I love New Wave music and “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” is such a great song from that time…lots of nostalgia there. It’s been exciting to break from doing my original music and become immersed in the 80’s for this project.” – Matt Lande

In short, the Portland-based alt rock/electropop artist imitates and invigorates on his latest 80’s callback project… but let’s hope more original takes are on their way in his bright future.